Invite your friends to the shooting range

Are you looking for a new hobby in something you haven`t tried yet? Or do you just want to make a friend or your partner happy? Try something new and unusual together. Something you will definitely enjoy and you will want to come back to it. And what is it? You don`t have to worry, this is not unusual. You will not need any equipment or expensive supplies that you would have to buy.

shooting range

This is a shooting range where you can come to shoot at targets from various weapons. You can try, for example, the shooting range Outback Prague. They offer different packages that you can buy depending on which type of shooting is closest to you. You don`t have to worry about anything happening to you, because everything is strictly controlled and has constant supervision from the employees.


It is clear to us that this form of entertainment is not for everyone, but you will see for yourself that shooting is not only a dangerous and barbaric activity, but quite the opposite. You will see how great you will feel when you hit the center of the target. And you can only improve with training. So what? Will you try it or is it too difficult for you?

You don`t have to buy a gun in any of the neighborhood for one visit. Firstly, you would need to have a firearms pass, which you would have to have, and secondly, keeping a weapon that is not registered is illegal.

In addition, they will lend you a weapon at the shooting range, recommend its caliber and the like so that you do not harm yourself or anyone else. You do not need a permit to fire a weapon at the shooting range.

So if you know of someone who would like to shoot yourself, or you even want to shoot yourself a few times, don`t be afraid to come to us. You can give it to someone for their birthday or as a plan for a men`s ride or bachelor party.